Can credit unions really save money by doing this?

Picture this. You’re on a road trip in a beautiful convertible on a warm sunny summer afternoon. Your favorite jams are on the radio. You’re halfway to your destination with another few hours to go. That’s when it hits you. You start doing the math in your head and you realize you need to slow down on your spending or you’re not going to make it through all of your road trips with enough money!

You work through some ideas in your head to try and save a few bucks and you determine that shutting the engine off and just coasting for a bit will save some money. Seems reasonable, until it’s not.

That mistake is going to cost you more than if you had kept the car running. At some point, you’ll stop coasting and need to turn the car back on, and the fuel you are going to burn to regain speed is a lot more than you would have burned to maintain your speed.

“Hey Bo, I ain’t taking no road trip, and I have no idea what this has to do with my credit union.”


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