Can your advertising use a little magnetism?

by. Joe Swatek

by. Joe Swatek

It’s hard to name a public place where you don’t see advertising. Ads are all around the gas pump, on backs of event tickets, even in public restrooms. While media like broadcast ads and print ads are temporary, some media keep your financial institution’s name in front of the public for longer time periods.

One of those potentially longer-exposure formats appeared in my mail. No, not the mail piece itself, but what I found inside.

It might be a useful advertising medium for your bank or credit union.

Toys for Tots 2

This is a car magnet. It’s approximately 5 x 3.5 inches at its widest points. It was inside an envelope appeal by the Toys for Tots charitable organization run by the U.S. Marine Corps.

You’ve seen large magnetic signs used on the sides of commercial vans. You won’t convince your employees, customers or members to stick a magnet that size on their vehicles. But here’s a small, yet conspicuous alternative that, unlike a sticker, is easy to move or remove.

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