How bad content is undermining your marketing strategy

Financial institution marketers pour a great deal of time, energy and money into providing content for their consumers. The hope is that, through this content, consumers will be swayed to at least give that institution a chance at their business.

Unfortunately, many financial education marketers inadvertently cripple their content marketing efforts by committing one or more no-no’s when it comes to communicating with consumers.

Below please find a few examples of these “dont’s” and what you can do to avoid them in the future.

  • Writing too much. In this day and age, busy consumers simply will not give you time to read lengthy marketing materials. Rather than trying to cram every possible word onto your printed materials or website, learn to use words sparingly. Go for bullet points, concise ideas and condensed thoughts. Cut the copy whenever possible.
  • Writing for too broad an audience. Financial institutions often try to be all things to all people. It simply won’t work. Banks and credit unions do best when they find their niche among consumers. Once you find that niche, tailor your content marketing to address it. Use relevant wording, testimonials and examples relevant to that target audience.
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