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- by Elizabeth Rider, On The Mark Strategies

What we’re reading this summer

Who said professional development books can’t also be great summer reads? Whatever your plans are this season, take time to recharge your professional batteries as well as your personal. Here’s our Summer 2022 [...]

- by Shawn Temple, On The Mark Strategies

Don’t stop ‘til…

For many of us, those three words put an iconic song in our heads that will hang around for at least a week. Michael Jackson’s 1979 single “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” [...]

- by Shawn Temple, On The Mark Strategies

The difference between how and why

The Brooklyn Nets were a heavy favorite to win it all in the NBA playoffs this year. Emphasis on “were.” They’re currently sitting at home and have been since they lost to the Boston [...]

- by Taylor W. Wells, On The Mark Strategies

Could you sell this pencil?

For years, credit union training and community bank training has emphasized features and benefits, features and benefits, features and benefits (repetition intentional). In reality, staff are much better equipped when they receive training related to [...]

- by Sean Galli, On The Mark Strategies

Testimony of a first-time homebuyer

Your credit union or community bank is constantly chasing younger demographics – Gen Zers, Millennials and growing families. And you’re right to do so if you want to grow loan volume. Data shows 44.6% [...]

- by Austin Lohnes, On The Mark Strategies

Looking for a leader

We’re all familiar with the saying it’s the small things that matter. Here’s how that leadership principle applies at your credit union or community bank. Last weekend, I visited some friends out-of-state [...]

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