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Featuring Robbie Young, VP of Strategic Growth at CUInsight

Thank you for tuning in to The CUInsight Network, with your host, Lauren Culp, President & CEO of CUInsight. In The CUInsight Network, we take a deeper dive with the thought leaders who support the credit union community. We discuss issues and challenges facing credit unions and identify best practices to learn and grow together.

My guest on today’s show is Robbie Young, VP of Strategic Growth at CUInsight. Robbie is a Certified Credit Union Development Educator (CUDE), mental health advocate, and our unending source of fun facts about the world. She sees CUInsight as a central source to keep credit union professionals inspired, connected, and informed. 

During our conversation, Robbie discusses the importance of mental health advocacy and shares resources. She talks about the direct and indirect influence mental health has on professionals in the industry. Robbie explains the importance of taking care of ourselves first, so we can properly care for our members and teams. She shares her experience and the benefits gained from the Credit Union Development Education (DE Program) and looks forward to returning as a mentor this year. Listen as Robbie talks about what you can do to support the mental health of yourself and others.

As we wrap up the episode, Robbie shares some of her famous fun facts, talks about downloading productivity apps, and shares her latest book recommendation. Enjoy my conversation with Robbie Young!

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Robbie Young, VP of Strategic Growth at CUInsight
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Show notes from this episode:
What an amazing interview with Robbie! Check out all the exceptional work their team is doing over at CUInsight here.
Want to hear more from Robbie? Click here.
Program mentioned: Credit Union Development Education (DE Program)
Shout-out: CUInsight Mini-Con Series
Shout-out: Robbie’s brother
Shout-out: The National Credit Union Foundation
Shout-out: 988 (Information only. Please dial on your phone to get in contact.)
Program mentioned: International CUDE Designation (ICUDE)
Shout-out: Robbie’s father – Toby Burgett, Administrative Lieutenant Painesville Police Department
Place mentioned: South Carolina
Book mentioned: Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization by Neil deGrasse Tyson

In this episode:
[01:00] – Robbie Young explains why she wanted to be a surgeon and why she later decided not to become one.
[03:19] – Robbie is the first person in this role for the company. How would she describe her work?
[05:57] – What does mental health mean to Robbie? PART 1
[08:07] – What does mental health mean to Robbie? PART 2
[09:50] – Robbie shares where to find mental health resources.
[12:15] – How did Robbie get involved with the DE program?
[15:12] – What is Robbie excited about?
[17:33] – Robbie talks about staying updated on productivity apps and appreciating her father.
[20:14] – Robbie loves adventure. How does she blend adventure in her life?
[22:11] – Taking care of yourself helps you take care of others.
[24:28] – Seeing the world with fresh eyes.

Lauren Culp

Lauren Culp

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