Capital Corner: September promising to be the busiest and most consequential month of 2023 in Washington

Several critical issues are on the clock, and DCUC is on top of all of them. Here’s a grab bag of what we’re watching

Capitol Hill

  • Both the Senate and the House have wrapped up work on their versions of the annual defense bill…but now the fun part begins, as the hard work of reconciling the two versions begins.
  • From a credit union perspective, DCUC, in close collaboration with NAFCU and CUNA, once again repelled the (tiresome) banker efforts to get free lease space on military bases. For the tenth time in 10 years. And speaking of keeping bad language out of the must-pass NDAA, DCUC was on the front lines of defending against a last ditch effort to graft the controversial, retailer-backed Credit Card Competition Act onto the bill as it was prepped for a vote on the Senate Floor in late July. More on that bad bill later.


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