Cash management keeps daily tasks in balance

Today’s Credit Union tellers are caught in a balancing act. So much of their time is spent accounting for cash, both physically and electronically, and balancing cash drawers—all while trying to provide the best service to their customers. The teller’s primary focus needs to be on the customer, with exceptional service and cross-selling at the forefront of their daily duties.

Sharetec’s Cash Management feature automates your tellers’ routine cash-related activities, enabling them to shift their focus from cash to customer. With this shift, your Credit Union can employ people whose skills are better suited to serving the diverse needs of your members, which can assist you in improving customer service and meeting your cross-selling goals.

Teller Cash Inventory  

The daily tracking of exchanged cash and coin requires nothing less than complete accuracy. Balancing cash at the end of the day can be tedious, and being out of balance can be taxing. Teller Cash Inventory painstakingly records specific denominations of all exchanged money, so when things are out of balance, employees can easily identify the missing denominations.

Teller Cash Inventory enables you to:

  • Reduce out of balance occurrences
  • Keep a detailed record of exactly what cash and coin was exchanged and the exact denominations
  • Save your tellers time at the end of every day
  • Turn it on or off by the teller, as a new teller may need it, but an experienced teller may not
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