Catch ’em doin’ it right before Feb. 28

By Lisa Hochgraf

My 10-year-old might think that his mother focuses most on the things he’s doing wrong, except for the fact that every once in awhile, he wakes to a note taped to his bedroom door knob. The note details something his mother has seen him do very, very right. I’ve heard him tell my husband, “My day’s starting off well; I got a note from mom.”

CUES and its strategic provider Michael Neill & Associates, Inc., Atlanta, have announced a twist for their second annual contest designed to bring attention to credit union employees who are–like my little guy–“doin’ it right.”

“Last year we had entrants send in videos of employees who have gone above and beyond to help members; this year we want entrants to send in videos about helping a co-worker,” says Mike Neill, president of MNA, and creator of the ServiStar sales and service culture development program.

“The service employees provide members is never better than the service they provide each other,” Neill adds. “That is why we want to spotlight how employees serving each other can ultimately help credit unions grow.”

The winner will receive $1,000 cash (rather than a note from mom).

“The video doesn’t have to be fancy or professional,” Neill notes. “People can just grab their phones and capture the action as it happens. Re-enactments or a simple re-telling of the story are also welcome.”

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