CEO Update: Change, a necessary “constant” for overall success!

We all know that change is the only “constant” successful organizations anticipate, plan for, and manage as time marches on. When change occurs or is necessary, the choice is simple: adapt or wither away. How many  department  stores, communication devices, and video arcades are no longer part of our culture?

In terms of military planning, who remembers “AirLand Battle” vs. “Full Spectrum Warfare” in terms of military doctrine? How about all those weapons systems that evolved over time? One thing is for sure, if you don’t accommodate change properly, it can be very expensive.

As the Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC) enters its seventh decade of service, we have seen a lot of change both in our industry and throughout the military. We celebrated an expected change at last month’s DCUC Annual Conference where the Chairman’s gavel was passed from Bill Birnie to Jack Fallis. Both are extremely qualified leaders with years of credit union CEO experience.

I really enjoy working with Bill and his continued leadership as he remains on the board. I also look forward to working with Jack in his new role as Chairman. Plus, we have a great DCUC Board of Directors who are very supportive and bring additional leadership qualities to our Board. More on that later.


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