Change Agents: Their role in bank-fintech partnerships

As technology continues to evolve, bank-fintech partnerships have proved advantageous within the financial services industry. Traditional banking models are being thrown out the window and replaced with more agile, fintech-driven solutions that better suit customer needs. There are few businesses capable of moving at the speed and scale of their competitors without bringing in third parties to drive integration. While change is inevitable, many banks remain hesitant about partnering with a fintech company to modernize their offerings.  

That’s where change agents come in.  

In our recent webinar with The Financial Brand, Brett Hollenbeck, MBA, VP, Virtual Bank Director at Tower Community Bank shares the insights he’s gained during his role as a change agent and why Tower Community Bank chose to partner with FintechOS. Here are a few takeaways from his conversation with Mike Hughes, VP, Product Marketing at FintechOS and Jim Marous, Co-publisher at The Financial Brand.  

What is a Change Agent?

A change agent is an individual responsible for driving organizational change, who often has a deep understanding of the industry and is skilled at navigating complex environments. In bank-fintech partnerships, change agents understand the unique set of challenges and opportunities that come with working in the banking and fintech industries and can help both parties communicate effectively and work collaboratively.


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