Check your ego at the door

Organizations benefit when leaders transition from ‘me’ to ‘we,’ says Netflix executive Nikkia Reveillac.

Netflix Director of Consumer Insights Nikkia Reveillac discusses egoless leadership during the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Conference Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Nikkia Reveillac believes in egoless leadership. That can come in many different forms, but Netflix’s director of consumer insights believes that getting the best out of a workplace starts with leaders checking their egos at the door.

A transformational leader who leads without ego brings about the highest levels of performance; builds relationships rooted in trust, credibility, and confidence; and cultivates healthy, collaborative, and psychologically safe work environments.

“Being an egoless leader is about putting people at the center of one’s desire to deliver results,” says Reveillac, speaking Wednesday at the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference in Los Angeles. “It seems intuitive, but so many of us get it wrong. Too much ego can be exceedingly detrimental to good leadership.”

Signs of ego-full leadership include micromanagement, manipulation, excessive control, aggression, impatience, and gaslighting.


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