Co-op & PSCU Combination: Q&A with Dean Michaels and Chuck Fagan

PSCU and Co-op Solutions announced on November 6, 2023, that they are entering into an agreement to combine. This combination of the industry’s two leading CUSOs promises to create the premier fintech solutions provider specifically made for credit unions.

Co-op VP of Sales Enablement and Product Marketing Kasey Stinson had a chance to sit down with Co-op Solutions President and CEO Dean Michaels and PSCU President and CEO Chuck Fagan, who will be named as CEO of the new combined organization, as well as Co-op’s Chief Product Officer Bruce Dragt during Co-op’s Q4 Update to get more information and hear their thoughts about the combination and what this means for credit unions in 2024 and beyond.

KASEY STINSON: Dean, I know you’ve had a chance to be out there talking to some of our credit unions. So, what have you heard so far from our credit union partners?

DEAN MICHAELS: Our team has spoken to a lot of credit unions, and I’ve personally had a chance to interact with many myself. I’d say overall the response has been very positive, very supportive. I think credit unions understand how fast the pace of change is in our market, that same dynamic is impacting financial services overall. And so far, a lot of their focus has been on wanting to understand better “How will this combination help me and my credit union?”


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