Co-ops, Callahan’s, and credit unions with Chip Filson

by. Mike Lawson

I always enjoy interviewing Callahan and Associate’s Chip Filson, now the leader for Coops4Change, because he’s so incredibly smart. He’s also seen just about everything in the credit union industry during his legendary career. Couple his knowledge and experience and you have a walking CU resource like none other. Subsequently, if you ever have the opportunity to talk a little cooperative shop with Chip, don’t pass it up — and I didn’t!

We invited Chip on the program to discuss the latest happenings with his Coops4Change, along with plans for 2014. Chip also provided a few interesting takes on the changing faces at the NCUA and what those changes mean for credit unions. Lastly, we discussed the state of the industry from his perspective and where we’re headed.

Oh yeah, almost forgot — please watch to the end because Chip reveals some pretty astounding stats on military credit union lending and student lending. These are the messages credit unions should be hammering home. Check it out!


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