‘Community impact’ the new business development

Financial education, digital engagement key to SEG growth.

CUNA photo

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will create long-term changes in business development, particularly a greater focus on financial education, digital engagement with select employee groups (SEGs), and community impact.

“Business development and community engagement aren’t just joined at the hip. They’re the same,” says Amber Fielder, vice president of marketing at $1.2 billion asset USE Credit Union in San Diego. “We can’t have them be separate functions. They truly will be one.”

She and two other credit union leaders participated in a Business Development Exchange at the 2021 CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Virtual Conference.

“Business development has evolved into what we call ‘community impact,’” says Michael Mattone, vice president of community impact for $1.3 billion asset Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union in Kingston, N.Y. “We grow business by doing good for our members and the community.”


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