Compliance changes coming your way: What to expect and actions to take now

Our own Aux Senior Compliance Manager Kristen Tatlock, a well-known and much-loved national compliance trainer and speaker, was interviewed by Mike Lawson at CUBroadcast recently. They spoke at length about upcoming compliance changes due to the new administration and Kristen was able to shed light on areas of focus, action items, and announcements to keep an ear out for.

As Mike puts it bluntly, “So many acronyms!” The Aux compliance assistance team feels your pain, credit union folks, but we are here to help! Take a look at a few highlights from Mike’s interview with Kristen below. If you’d like to watch the abbreviated interview, check it out here.

And if you are still feeling overwhelmed, check out our recent whitepaper, “Fighting the Compliance FUD Factor.”

What can credit unions do right now to prepare for compliance changes? Hint: Get a written complaint management program.


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