Consumer credit grows at strongest pace in years

Total consumer credit rose 10.6 percent, at a seasonally-adjusted, annualized rate, in June and is up 4.2 percent versus a year ago. Revolving credit, which is primarily credit cards, rose 22 percent during the month and is down 0.2 percent compared to June 2020.

Non-revolving credit – primarily auto and education loans – rose 7.2 percent and is up 5.5 percent over the year.

“On a seasonally-adjusted basis, consumer credit grew at the strongest rate in years once again,” said Curt Long, NAFCU’s Chief Economist and Vice President of Research, in a new Macro Data Flash report. “Revolving credit grew at its fastest pace in recent history and twice as fast as the previous month.

“Trends in revolving debt can be difficult to parse; growth may reflect increased spending as consumer confidence is restored, but it may also reflect emergency spending by households still suffering through job loss and nearing the end of enhanced unemployment benefits,” added Long. “Nonrevolving credit growth slowed in June, mostly as a result of lower vehicle sales.”


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