Consumers want to be known

by. Brandon Bogler

In today’s digital world, consumers are increasingly accepting of data collection, especially when they get something in return.

A recent survey from data analytics company SAS found consumers expect to be known online and are willing to provide data about themselves if they can get better service as a result. The survey, which included 1,260 respondents, concluded 60 percent of those asked expect businesses to know their preferences and understand their needs.

The survey also revealed consumers want information tailored to their needs and delivered through their preferred communication channels, and they want a consistent experience during interactions. Additionally, they want recommendations for products and services based on their lifestyles, previous purchases and search histories.

Another survey of 30,000 consumers, the IBM Institute For Business Value Global Consumer Study, found 36 percent of consumers will share their location, 32 percent will share social-media handles and 22 percent will agree to receive text messages from businesses in exchange for customized offers.

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