Core conversions need marketing love, too

Technology moves fast, and credit unions need to move faster. Or at least keep up. If changing or upgrading your core processor is on the table, here’s why Marketing needs to be sitting at that table.

Be there from the beginning

No one embarks on a core conversion for fun. It’s a monster project, and you need very good reasons to go through the disruption, effort, and expense. Of course, core conversions are historically driven by things like IT needs (updating old hardware, security or speed  concerns), by inflexibility or constraints on what the old system can do, by the need for greater cost efficiency, or by some core vendor issue, such as an outdated or discontinued product.

Marketers and your marketing and growth strategy have to be part of these decisions as well. One of your jobs as a marketer is to bust those “IT”, “Finance”, and “Ops” silos. As the lead brand steward and member advocate, you need to be involved in and driving big decisions that affect the member experience.


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