Cracking the Credit Union Millennial Conundrum with On Your Way’s Jared Cahill

by: Mike Lawson

Credit union members are getting up there in years. The average age of today’s member is 47, and that needle has not moved in a very long time — except inching upward. Not good for industry longevity, most would say. If that’s the case, then we should be alarmed. If credit unions cannot attract the Gen Ys and Millennials en masse, then current members will eventually age out and the industry will peter out. Not an ideal scenario.

So we invited Gen Y and Millennial consulting firm On Your Way’s Jared Cahill on the program to discuss this credit union conundrum and find answers for continued success with new generations. So join us for this informative and engaging interview on a topic that greatly affects us all — and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Why Gen-Y Is Passing You By (by Rob Rubin)
Reaching Gen Y (white paper download)

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