Creating a meaningful meeting

by. Dan Berger

We’ve all been there: Stuck in what seems like an endless meeting where no clear agenda is accomplished. You look at your watch and realize you’re now late for your next meeting.

If this sounds all too familiar, then it might be time to evaluate your meetings. While every meeting on your schedule (and mine) might have a definite purpose, it would be wise from time to time to review and reconsider the need for daily, weekly and even monthly meetings – especially those which are held just out of habit.

The Harvard Business Review suggests exercising “good meeting hygiene” by ensuring your meetings are necessary, have a clear objective and a pointed focus.

Another different idea mentioned in both Business Insider and Entrepreneur: conduct stand-up meetings. Jacqueline Whitmore in Entrepreneur wrote, “Routine meetings designed to touch base with employees and discuss status reports can usually be accomplished in 15 minutes or less. You’ll be more likely to keep the meeting short and to the point if everyone remains standing.”

As for how to end meetings, Forbes recommends wrapping it up with a brief summary. “Clearly state what was accomplished and any subsequent to-dos, next steps, or responsibilities.”

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