Creative solutions to 3 REALLY weird insurance claims

One of the unexpected issues the first Apollo mission encountered had nothing to do with the mission itself. Instead, it was the ability of astronauts to obtain adequate life insurance. They needed a creative solution to provide financial security to their families in case the worst were to happen.

So, they had the astronauts sign hundreds of postcards before they left on the presumption that they would become highly valuable in the event of their death!

In this blog post, we’ll share creative solutions to some of the wackiest insurance stories we’ve heard and give you tips for making sure obtaining your life insurance policy goes off without a hitch.

Alien Abduction Insurance

If you’re worried about being abducted by aliens (and the presumed financial ramifications that follow, like missing time off work, follow-up counseling, and buying supplies for tin-foil hats), a firm in London has you covered. They’ve sold over 37,000 alien abduction insurance policies throughout Europe. Of course, to settle any claims, the carrier requires proof of alien abduction.


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