Credit Union-backed Nationwide Hunger Awareness Tour deemed massive success

with Mike Lawson

You may recall our previous two interviews with American Community Project’s Dan Emery about his nationwide tour to bring awareness to hunger issues in, yes, these here United States of America. You’d think with a McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Olive Garden on just about every corner in our country’s cities, this issue would be nonexistent. Nothing could be further from the truth, as Dan reveals.

So what does this campaign Dan and his friend Myles Chung embarked on in 2014 — 48 states in 48 weeks on motor scooters that went no faster than 35 mph — have to do with credit unions? Well, this tour was completely credit union supported, which is a fantastic representation of the massive good credit unions can accomplish today.

So we had Dan on the program one more time to get a final recap of he and Myle’s yearlong journey and the impact the two made on folks throughout our country. Dan has a wonderful story to tell, by the way. Some really moving anecdotes of his experiences with people who truly care. Just throwing this out there, but Dan would be an ideal presenter at any credit union-related event to tell his moving story and how credit unions played a significant role stepping up to help out.

With that, enjoy our chat with Dan’s about adventures and experiences that changed his life forever.