Credit union blog ideas that drive traffic & value

Today, more than 18% of all banking institutions have dipped fingers and toes into the world of blogging, but few derive any value from it. Despite that, blogging is largely recognized as one of the key tools for omnichannel marketing, enabling organizations to develop content that works across platforms to offer value to readers and to drive search traffic. Credit unions can make use of a blog, provided they take steps to build a customer-centric blog that offers real value to its readers. Developing credit union blog ideas means understanding your members and what they want to read and approaching content with a smart strategy rather than simply trying to sell products.

Develop a Blogging Strategy

The first step to building credit union blog ideas isn’t creating a list of topics, it’s understanding your members, how often they want to connect, what value the blog will drive, and why. You also have to identify how and when to promote your blog across channels, which means connecting your blogging strategy to social media and other content strategies.

One smart approach is to integrate the sales cycle into your blogging strategy, developing a content calendar reflecting what people are most likely to buy, search for, and need at that time of the year. Chances are that your credit union has enough historical data to create strong and valuable predictions surrounding when product interest peaks, allowing you to develop blog ideas around those points. For example, taxes in April and savings plans in January.


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