Credit Union Branding, CrossFit Style

By Mark Dudley

Greg Glassman founded CrossFit in 2000. He’s since opened up over 5,000 affiliate gyms. CrossFit describes its strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.” The program’s stated goal is improving fitness (and therefore general physical preparedness), which it defines as “work capacity across broad time and modal domains.” Workouts are typically short—20 minutes or less—and intense, demanding all-out physical exertion.

While I have yet to become a “crossfitter” I am very much aware of their product and how they market themselves. The brand of crossfit is very strong and becoming stronger. I recently ran across this video of Greg talking about the brand of crossfit. I recommend you watch it, but here are the very simple notes from the video.

1. Your Brand is your Identity. For your brand to be successful you must do these 3 things.

A. Endear – You must endear to your audience through excellence. You must do something great and people must love you. Make it to what you do is important to people. (Example:“I love my Toyota Tundra.”)

B. Endure – You must endure time and changes. You gotta maintain your standard of excellence.

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