Credit union employee challenges: Good or bad news?

by. Anthony Demangone

Last week, I asked you this:

What are the three biggest things affecting your personal performance in a negative way?

Here’s what you said.

CU Staff Challenges 2014

Here’s the Here’s a link to a high-density image, so you can see some of the smaller challenges, such as resources and unreasonable expectations.

Is this good or bad news? I would say both.

The bad. Nearly everyone is tired. Overworked. Stressed. Struggling to find a work-life balance. Another problem? Staffing. Most see their colleagues and took one of two positions. They aren’t trained enough. Or they aren’t the right people.  And all of these folks are the same people that you depend on to execute your credit union’s vision.

The good. If you think about everything listed above, you could find yourself deep in a funk. But turn the issue around and it should give you hope. If an organization is willing, it can attack these problems head-on. Prioritize. Set clear expectations about those clear priorities. Push off that which is’t essential. Make sure you have the right people “on the bus.” None of that is rocket science. But I didn’t say it was easy, either. I wish I could say that we solved these issues at NAFCU as well!

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