Credit union guide to honoring veterans: Examples, charities, & facts

Due to their strong focus on local communities and their commitment to serving their members, credit unions have long been recognized for their exceptional patriotism compared to other institutions. This is especially noticeable during certain moments of the year, such as the approaching commemoration of September 11, 2001, and the tragic events that transpired on that day.

As pillars of every community, many would argue that credit unions have a duty to give back whenever they can–and most absolutely live up to that reputation. They do so not only by being patriotic, but also by helping veterans, and making a charitable impact whenever possible, too.

Examples of patriotism

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Navy Federal Credit Union in particular has a reputation for being patriotic. Their history is filled with examples of this, like when they partnered with the Connecticut Tigers in 2014 for an unforgettable “Fourth of July Weekend” at Dodd Stadium that people are still talking about.

The event pulled out all the stops, bringing in the United States Coast Guard Band for a pre-game concert. Not only that, but the first 500 fans through the doors got a free slice of—you guessed it—apple pie.


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