Credit union strategic planning sessions reveal the one characteristic of unsuccessful leaders

There’s no denying the last few years have been trying for credit union leaders. We’ve survived the COVID lockdowns; we’re shouldering through the Great Resignation and inflation to name a few.

These external gut punches didn’t pick and choose what credit unions to impact. Every single credit union has been kicked in the ass by these, and then some.

It’s been interesting to listen closely to the discussions in credit union strategic planning sessions this year and compare the attitudes of the credit union leadership to their numbers. The more intense the victim mentality displayed by the leadership, the lower the credit union’s financial performance. While they see the events of the last few years as “things that happen to them;” other leaders have accepted the challenge, cranked up the creativity, used the events of the last few years as an opportunity to grow, and adjust to this new normal. Likewise, their financial performance reflects that as well.

It’s exhausting listening to those with a victim mentality. Their facts may be accurate, but the way they interpret them personally is exhausting. They forget the enemy that will plunge a knife into your heart first is yourself. They don’t pause to gain perspective. Self-discipline is nonexistent, and they fear change. There is no nimbleness within the leadership of the credit union. As times change and require change, there is no change.


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