Credit Unions Are Designing Wild ATMs to Grab Your Attention — And It’s Working

The popularity of credit unions has been growing in recent years — The Financial Brand reports that there were 7,165 credit unions as of 2012, with total membership jumping to 93.7 million last year (from 88.5 million in 2007). Even so, these financial non-profits are still a mystery to many and have a long way to go in becoming household names for American families.

The good thing is, they know it, and are working to shed their reputations as small, old-fashioned banking alternatives and appeal to the millions of consumers who are fed up with big banks.

So how are they doing it? Credit unions are designing eye-catching, often wild-looking ATMs in the hopes of grabbing your attention — and your membership — in a new marketing initiative known as “ATM wrapping.”

What Is ATM Wrapping?

It’s a bit funny that in an increasingly digital age, credit unions are turning to old-fashioned display advertising in an effort to improve branding and attract new members — but it’s working.

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