Credit unions, banks and 23 democratic candidates

At the time of writing, we have 23 Democratic presidential candidates who want to unseat President Donald Trump. Now… name five of them.

How’d you do? Did you struggle like most Americans?

Of those you did name, let me guess the ones you got right. You got Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Those were easy, as Sanders was second to only Hilary Clinton in the last presidential primary, and Biden is a former Vice President. Third on your list is probably Elizabeth Warren, although you may know her best for her American Indian claim that backfired.

After that, the mind wanders. There’s Mayor Pete and Kamala, although you just can’t quite remember their last names of Buttigieg and Harris, respectively. Of course, if you are a political junkie or live in a state where one of the 23 Democratic presidential candidates grew up or now resides, you probably faired a little better.

By the July 2020 Democratic National Convention, one name will emerge as the challenger to Trump, and whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or third-party supporter, we can’t deny that this person will become a household name in America.


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