Credit unions: Why not you?


Much has already been said about Seattle’s recent Super Bowl victory and the commitment of players and fans alike. Among several standout moments, quarterback Russell Wilson’s quote from his father – “Why not you?” – might well have been his best play of the day.

It’s a wonderful question that encourages someone to achieve the seemingly unachievable. And the way it’s framed invites the listener to look beyond any perceived limitations and believe in success. After all, somebody has to be the best _____ (fill in the blank). And everybody can think of a list of reasons why they can’t achieve something. But what about the list of reasons why you could?

Look at Russell Wilson. He’s had some great opportunities throughout his life, but he’s had to work hard too. He’s not the biggest player on the field. His great-great-grandfather was a slave. He sprained a knee during his second football season in college. His father died while Russell was in college. He was nominated for the Heisman Trophy but didn’t win it. He wasn’t a first-round draft pick, largely because of his height.

That’s a decent handful of “why nots” but it certainly doesn’t define who Wilson is. He has tremendous athletic abilities, but more importantly he’s a young man with drive, an unwavering belief in himself and a desire to help others. He volunteers at The Seattle Children’s Hospital and visits servicemembers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. He raises money for a diabetes foundation named for his father. He’s a team player both on and off the field. He pours himself into his commitments.

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