CUFX: Has its time arrived?

Tech Council members look for broader adoption.

Participants learned how they can begin integrating Credit Union Financial Exchange during a breakout session at the co-located CUNA Technology Council and CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council Conferences in San Francisco.

Credit Union Financial Exchange (CUFX), an industry changing initiative lead by the CUNA Technology Council, is a systems integration standard that connects applications to core processing systems.

CUFX allows credit unions to:

  • Reduce complexity and operating expenses.
  • Improve member experience and employee efficiency.
  • Increase speed of delivery of new business functions industry wide.
  • Enable application innovation by reducing or eliminating repetitive, time-consuming customizations.

“The whole goal is to ease the integration between software systems,” says Jeff Johnson, chief information officer at Baxter Credit Union. “One of the biggest pain points, one of the most expensive thing that we do, and one of the things that delays our speed to market, is that integrating different software. CUFX can greatly ease that burden.”


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