CUInsight Minute with John Pettit – October 29, 2021

Our favorites from the week in sixty seconds.

Welcome to the CUInsight Minute, sixty seconds from our Managing Editor John Pettit with our favorite reads from the week.


This is what cooperation looks like!
Cooperation among cooperatives. We are stronger and better together. Last month I had the pleasure of seeing almost ten years of effort come to fruition in the form of a community gathering place. The first of its kind in the nation, the CO-OP Park! (read more)

Preparing your credit union for Gen Z
We’ve all watched as millennials took center stage as the countries dominant spenders. However, this got many credit unions thinking about what comes next. How can credit unions better serve Gen Z when it comes time for them to take the reins and start creating businesses, buying homes, cars, and so on? (read more)

Webinar – Gen Z’s Three Financial Trend Predictions For 2022 – Wednesday November 3, 2021 at 1 PM EDT!
Understanding Gen Z’s habits and trends can be vital to the success of your credit union. With 2022 around the corner and the oldest members of Gen Z turning 25 this year, they’re capable enough to understand and set the tone on how to manage their own finances. This webinar will give an overview of 3 predictions on how Gen Z – the digital generation – will strategize and innovate the world of finance in 2022. Together, we’ll brainstorm on how we can use these predictions and trends as a comprehensive engagement tool that will lead credit unions towards both innovation and growth.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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