CUInsight Minute with Linda Lafortune – September 10, 2021

Our favorites from the week in sixty seconds

Welcome to the CUInsight Minute, sixty seconds from our Director of Learning & Client Support Linda Lafortune with our favorite reads from the week.


The dangers of mobile devices in a remote world

by Krystal Rennie, ADLUMIN

Do you often check your phone for notifications? Are you reading this article from your phone? If your answer to both of these questions was “yes,” don’t be surprised. Mobile devices have become a massive part of our daily routine…(read more)

Two ways to help break down barriers to buying life insurance


With nearly three-quarters of Americans saying they need life insurance, it’s clear most recognize the role it plays in their financial wellbeing. And the increased likelihood to buy because of COVID-19—which hits 45% for Millennial consumers—indicates consumers value life insurance in light of COVID-specific challenges…. (read more)

How DEI can transform workplace culture – Part IV


We started out by considering what it takes to establish an organization-wide commitment to DEI and begin building a culture of inclusivity. We then took a closer look at one of the primary reasons cited by diverse talent for leaving an organization, followed by defining your DEI vision, mission and strategy. In this post, I would like to discuss one final concept on the path to parity: the evolution of work life… (read more)

Linda Lafortune

Linda Lafortune

Linda is the Director of Learning & Client Support at CUInsight.  She has an extensive background in the credit union industry having worked in both large and small credit unions, in ... Web: Details