Culture, community, and climate

Kaua'i Federal Credit Union builds islanders' economic resilience.

Hazelmae Overturf

Hazelmae Overturf describes herself as a credit union lifer.

“I’ll be in credit unions in some capacity, if they’ll have me, for as long as I live,” says the director of community impact at $147 million asset Kaua’i Federal Credit Union in Lihue, Hawaii.

She shares some of the many ways Kaua’i Federal is serving the island’s needs.

Q: What’s going on at your credit union right now?

A: We’re embarking on this cool endeavor that we’re shaping as we speak: an economic resiliency center. It’s part branch expansion, and mostly a community-centered space where we’re bringing together players from different sectors who want to solve problems on Kaua’i.


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