CUNA introduces new Coaching Conversations eSchool

Branch managers, operations professionals and credit union leaders in all fields have a new opportunity to strengthen their coaching skills with the new CUNA Coaching Conversations eSchool.

“Open, authentic connection between leaders and other employees is a critical factor in engaging and retaining talent,” said Kristin Ryan, director of learning events at CUNA. “These conversations can be difficult for a number of reasons, and this eSchool is designed to help leaders navigate these communication barriers to achieve more meaningful coaching opportunities.”

Led by Tim Hagen, creator of the Progress Coaching training system, this eSchool, leads attendees through weekly in-depth discussions that help people leaders facilitate productive conversations with their staff. The content of this eSchool complements the topics covered in CUNA Coaching Leadership School, which will be held August 5-7, 2019 in Chicago. Attend the face-to-face School and eSchool to gain the full-spectrum of learning how to effectively coach direct reports.


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