CUNA, Winnow agreement provides powerful automated regulatory compliance

CUNA and Winnow Solutions, LLC announced a relationship to make subscriptions to Winnow’s comprehensive state regulatory product available to CUNA members at a preferred rate.

“We are excited about this relationship with Winnow to provide our Credit Union Compliance Management System PLUS™ (CU CMS+) users with a valuable tool to help them comply with the ever-changing state-level regulatory environment. ” said Jackie Ekdahl, director, compliance solutions for CUNA. “Winnow’s software will help CU CMS+ users comply with state laws while saving them time and money, which they can reinvest in their businesses and communities. We are confident that this arrangement will be a win-win for CUNA, Winnow, and our members.”

Winnow enables customers to build highly tailored state compliance surveys unique to their business type, licensing, financial products, and jurisdictions. Its coverage includes laws and regulations applicable to mortgages, auto financing, credit cards, consumer financing, commercial lending, privacy & cybersecurity, and banking.

Winnow customers receive regular updates on impactful changes that enable them to make critical business decisions in advance.


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