CUNA’s ‘CUs vote’ MAP campaign emphasizes CU engagement

As the Nov. 6 mid-term election approaches, credit unions have a lot at stake in the new Congress. The 115th Congress brought major wins for credit unions, and CUNA, leagues and credit unions are already focused on continuing the momentum in the next Congress.

In addition to its normal advocacy and political activities, CUNA launched a new campaign under its Member Activation Program (MAP) this year, called “Credit Unions Vote.” The campaign includes a website,, that allows members to check their registration status, register to vote, participate in early voting and find their polling place

CUNA launched the campaign in September. Kyle Frick, vice president of marketing at Mid-Oregon CU, Bend, Ore., said the early timing was critical, since it allowed Mid Oregon to go out before the majority of election-related e-mails found their way into spam folders.

Frick said Mid Oregon decided to combine the content from the Credit Unions Vote campaign and CUNA’s “Stop the Data Breaches” campaign, and worked with CUNA to combine the two messages in a way that fit.


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