CUNA’s Morris: Share, inspire others with CU difference

Self-proclaimed “credit union geek” and CUNA Engagement Consultant Christopher Morris opined on the importance of engagement, social media, awareness and more during a recent interview with CUltivate. With nearly 15 years of experience in the credit union movement, Morris says his position at CUNA is a dream come true because he’s able to holistically support credit unions and leagues through his work.

“I love being able to visit credit unions and hear firsthand their inspiring stories of the credit union difference,” he said. “For example, last week I was just at a local credit union that does a lot of agricultural lending. They were telling me about how farmers were having a rough year for a variety of reasons and thus their cash flow was getting more complicated. The credit union’s loan officers are not only are working with them in a variety of ways to find solutions, but they often do it sitting at the farmers’ kitchen table. That’s people helping people.

Morris also praised CUNA’s Awareness initiative, particularly its goals to debunk credit union myths to help the movement grow.

“Again, as a huge credit union advocate and as someone who has heard how badly we need to do a better job of ‘telling our story’ for years and years, this is a game changer,” he said. “We now have this robust national campaign to debunk the main myths of credit unions and get more consumers to open their eyes to the awesomeness of credit unions.”


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