CUNA’s Schenk answers housing bubble questions from Buzzfeed

What’s the deal with the housing market, and how does it affect you? Those are among the questions CUNA Chief Economist Mike Schenk answered during a recent interview with Buzzfeed. With housing prices on the rise (the average U.S. home price is up 13.2% since last year, accroding to Zillow), Schenk was asked if we are in a housing bubble now.

“We’re definitely seeing prices increase rapidly in some markets, and the increase is unsustainable,” said Schenk. “However, we shouldn’t expect a bubble that’s going to pop, but adjustments will likely be made over time.”

Schenk also compared today’s situation isn’t comparable to the 2008 economic crisis—the last housing bubble. He added that Federal Reserve data shows American household debt is at an all-time low, so “consumers (on average) are in a much better place financially to buy and keep their homes.”


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