CUs target, go face-to-face with members

Credit unions need to constantly reward membership loyalty by creating a better "experience on all of their screens.”

Two innovative approaches to upgrading member interaction come from a California credit union creating a more targeted digital member experience; and an Arkansas credit union focusing on face-to-face video collaboration.

Atlanta based fintech provider NCR Corp. implemented its Promotion Suite Premium tool to help create a better, more targeted digital member experience for the $3 billion in Folsom, Calif.-based SAFE Credit Union.

The Promotion Suite Premium tool utilizes real-time geofencing information – based on a person’s location and individual needs – creating a tailored online and digital experience with a human touch for SAFE members.

By personalizing the banking experience with NCR’s innovative tools, SAFE is able to continue building brand loyalty while deepening customer relationships and improving members’ financial well-being.


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