Cyber actors continue to exploit enterprise vulnerabilities

Exposing the Fraud Techniques Currently Favored by Cyber Criminals

Cybercrime isn’t much different from traditional crime. More often than not, the motive is purely financial. That objective drives cyber criminals to continuously evolve their tactics and techniques to ensure they are always making money and increasing their take.

Their gain leads to your loss—financial, operational and reputational. Moreover, it can result in a harsh regulatory enforcement action that further exacerbates such losses. For Equifax, this amounted to a $700 million settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Trade Commission.

Financial institutions defending against yesterday’s methods put themselves at greater risk of such loss. Instead, they need to be as nimble in their cyber defenses as their adversaries are in their cyber offense.

How do you get there? To begin, you need to understand the latest cybercrime trends.


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