Cyber attacks – What can T|S do for you?

The continued warnings of potential cyber attacks. Horror stories from organizations that have lost access to data and weren’t fully operational for months. Updates and tips from vendors.

It’s information overload leaving many leaders anxious and lacking clear direction for where exactly to start in analyzing its current cyber posture and determining the right path to position the organization to be prepared for an attack.

In a recent webinar, our team not only provided our customers with an update on the current threat landscape, but also provided some insight for the work they are doing to help organizations monitor and protect systems, and prepare for a future breach.

The reality is that Russia and other threat actors could be doing things we aren’t seeing in preparation for attacks months or years down the road. The Solar Winds and Colonial Pipeline attacks are examples of breaches that occurred after hackers spent years in our systems exploring vulnerabilities for a targeted attack.


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