Dads Have Money Lessons To Share Too



When I think of Father’s Day, I naturally think of my dad, who turned 90 last month. I also think about the lessons I’ve learned that I try to pass down to my own kids.

Talking to your kids

I’m sure I’m not that different from others my age. We all share the same basic values we want our kids to succeed and we want to ensure that our aging parents are safe. But, we may not always be sure how to do that.

That’s why a few months ago, we shared questions and answers just for parents. We included common questions that children from pre-school to college might ask – from “Where does money come from?,” to advice to help your kids open a savings accounts, and your working teens or young adults enroll in their first retirement savings plan.

Talking to your parents

We’ve discussed the importance of parents talking to children about money, but it’s just as important for adult children to engage their parents. That’s why we also have several resources for older Americans and their families, and offer answers to older Americans’ common questions, including questions and answers on reverse mortgages, powers of attorney, and dealing with debt.

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