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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, millions of Americans had to adjust to statewide shutdowns that lasted for months. During that time, we adapted to living entirely different lives, and digital technology provided many of the solutions that made that possible.

When restaurants shut down, we started ordering food to go on mobile apps. When many of us left the office to work from home, we installed Zoom or Teams and were able to continue working in a digital environment. When we couldn’t visit loved ones, we taught our kids’ grandparents to use FaceTime. When we couldn’t go into our physical financial institutions, we relied on digital banking technology.

With vaccination efforts in full effect and businesses reopening across the country, the pandemic finally seems to be winding down. So, why aren’t we hearing about returning to “normal”? The truth is, many of us are still shell-shocked from what was a very traumatic time.

We emerged from a global pandemic into an uncertain economy, and many of us are simply stressed out. In fact, 84% of adults said in a recent survey that they experienced at least one emotion tied to prolonged stress recently, with the most common being anxiety at 47%, sadness at 44%, and anger at 39%.


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