Demonstrate EQ in your communication

As we continue operating in and adjusting to virtual environments – and as many of our teams continue to work from home amid the coronavirus pandemic – demonstrating emotional intelligence (EQ) takes intentional effort. Not only is it more difficult to convey empathy and make personal connections via email, the stress of the world we’re currently operating can subconsciously alter our responses.

My father-in-law Earle Keirstead sent me a recent article from author Justin Bariso that details how Apple CEO Tim Cook demonstrated EQ when flagging for his executive team a lengthy, concerned-filled email from a developer. Cook’s email was one word: “Thoughts?”

Leaders are bombarded with requests and opinions on how to do things (solicited or not) throughout their day. The way you respond – both in your internal thought process and externally to others – reveals a lot about your character and level of EQ.

Bariso breaks down how this one-word email said a lot by simply opening the door for conversation, and ways in which he could’ve responded that would’ve been less effective:


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