Digital banking trends for 2022

Although traditional banking has now been around for hundreds of years, digital banking is still a relatively new phenomenon. Banks and credit unions that have successfully integrated digital banking within the traditional banking model have thrived in recent years and will likely continue to grow moving forward. Customers, especially those of younger generations, prefer to carry out various banking-related tasks on the computer or smartphone from the comfort of their home instead of having to visit a bank branch for every transfer and transaction.

Like all aspects of technology, digital banking is constantly evolving and introducing new tools for consumers all the time. Here are some of the most notable digital banking trends to keep an eye out for in 2022.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking refers to banking that is done on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. Usually, mobile banking is conducted on an app produced by a bank or credit union, allowing users to perform most everyday tasks from their devices. When mobile banking was first released, customers could only perform a few functions from their mobile devices, like checking their balance and transferring money to and from their other accounts. Mobile banking offers so much more these days, including photo check deposits, alerts and push notifications, enhanced security, and even opening new accounts.


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