Digital banking your way

For your members, digital banking is a lifeline – a vital tool that connects them to their money when they need it. It frees them to live their lives on their own terms, putting them within easy reach of a wide variety of services and transactions. It serves as a portal through which they can access solutions that help them stay active, manage their time, and reach their biggest financial goals.

From a credit union’s perspective, digital banking must do more than simply serve the surface needs of its members. It must make self-service easy for members in order to streamline your operations. It must be safe to minimize risk. It must be ready for the future, so you are, too. And it must serve as a way to engage with members to inspire deeper relationships and loyalty.

If your digital banking platform isn’t doing all this for your credit union, it’s time to re-evaluate. When you are able to offer digital banking that enhances member relationships and members’ lives, the credit union thrives, too. That’s digital banking your way!

Seamless integration

Ideally, your digital banking solution should integrate seamlessly with all the systems your credit union needs to efficiently operate. This enables your digital banking platform to act as an interface for self-service rather than as a stopgap. Well-integrated digital banking facilitates loan origination, speeds up new account openings and deposits, and makes the sharing of data and documentation easy. Without this integration, your functionality, security, and speed suffer – and so do the people on both ends of the technology.

Focus on self-service

Let’s be honest, it’s not digital banking your way. It’s truly digital banking your member’s way. Your members want an experience that allows them easy access to as many functions and services as possible. For this reason, digital banking should go beyond the basics of bill pay and fund transfers. With a true focus on self-service, digital banking should and can also offer fully supported card controls, digital wallet issuance, loan due date change and payoff requests, wire submission, and Docu-Sign support. Offering a full complement of self-service options turns your digital banking solution into a life essential for your member.

Ultimate member experience

With so much capability, it’s not digital banking your way if it’s not also easy to use for the member. Responsive design and voice intent-based site navigation make it easy for members to find what they need. Support for co-browsing and screen sharing can add further functionality, while an automated new member and onboarding journey can guide members to deeper relationships with your credit union. Even automated chat should feel conversational and intuitive.

Personalized offers and engagement

Digital banking should act as a proactive extension of your team. With things like pre-qualified loan offers, local discount program support, and integrated charity donation and debit round-up capabilities, digital banking can help members feel more connected to their credit union, their communities, and their goals.

Commercial and business banking

Digital banking is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Commercial and business members deserve digital banking that shows them credit unions recognize how important they are to the industry and to our community. That means offering business-essential functionality built right into digital banking. Offering capabilities such as authorized signer and card management, business and personal account integration, transaction categorization and expense tracking, and ACH/payroll uploads can help you show your commercial and business members you understand their needs and are a vital partner for their success.

Easy customization

Even with all this functionality and ease of use, digital banking isn’t built truly your way if you can’t easily customize it without heavily relying on vendors. Digital banking your way gives you the ability to adjust your platform as your needs or your members’ needs evolve or to enhance the way it works. For example, digital banking built on a no-code platform offering a drag-and-drop interface makes this easy for credit unions to manage in-house, reducing downtime and risk.

Though it may not appear so on the surface, digital banking can be one of the most people-centric solutions you offer. That’s because it allows people to spend more of their time doing what they love – and that goes for both your members and your employees. In other words, with digital banking your way, everyone gets their way.

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