Digital marketing strategies for community financial institutions

The 2020s are underway. Does your marketing still rely on channels that haven't been effective since the late 1990s? Here's how a small financial institution bit the bullet and built a plan that brought its marketing approaches not only up to date but into a stance for continuing adaptation.

Digital platforms like Google, email and social media make it possible for the smallest bank and credit marketing teams to generate results worthy of larger organizations, if they get onboard with new ways of reaching present and potential consumers of their services.

I’m going to recount how our small marketing team enhanced traditional marketing efforts to become a digital marketing powerhouse.

Step 1: Make Time for Learning How to Use Digital Marketing Tools

Three years ago, the road to digital marketing for our four-person team was paved with unfamiliar concepts, technical jargon and conflicting messages. Our team at times felt overwhelmed. We knew we needed to find room in our schedules to learn how to implement digital marketing. But how?


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