Digital payments drive the future of commerce

Credit is consumers' most preferred way to pay in the U.S.

Today’s consumer has come to expect an on-demand shopping experience that is quick, convenient and secure. Whether browsing in-store or online, customers are using digital technologies to get what they want—either to navigate the aisles of a big box store, or have an out-of-stock item delivered to their doorstep.

And when they are finally ready to check out, they are often swiping, dipping, or tapping to pay.

A recent study found that credit is the most preferred way to pay in the United States, and that only 11 percent of Americans prefer cash payments to credit and debit. Recent projections from Nilson show that overall payment card spend volume will continue to increase globally.

Our job at Visa is to work with sellers to enable and shape the future of commerce. With more than 3.3 billion[1] cards worldwide, Visa reaches customers everywhere, and we can help merchants meet evolving consumer needs through the implementation of innovative payment experiences, such as scan-to-pay QR codes and tap-to-pay payments.


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