Discover the power of connecting and innovating at your credit union

Connection and innovation are incredibly important in every aspect of credit union operations, from member experience to technology. This September, CUNA Technology Council Conference and CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council Conference will be co-located in San Francisco, giving professionals in both  disciplines an opportunity to connect with one another and discover innovative strategies to bring back to their credit union.

Here are five quick examples to get you started:

  1. Networking

Networking is important at every stage of your career. Be where your peers are and learn from their diverse experiences, points of view and ideas. They are a perfect opportunity to connect, expand your professional network and gain potential sources of assistance for situations and issues you haven’t faced personally.

  1. Learn from the Best

Both CUNA Technology Council and CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council will be presenting their annual awards, honoring the best and brightest in both business areas. You’ll hear from some of your most passionate and innovative peers who have researched and developed entirely new solutions to difficult problems and discover new ways to innovate at your own credit union.

  1. Hot Topics

Change in the credit union movement is inevitable, meaning our efforts must be nimble and collaborative. Make sure you have your finger on the pulse of the credit union movement by attending hot topic sessions, bringing new issues and solutions to the forefront of the conversation and giving you the confidence to tackle them yourself.

From cybersecurity and payment systems to member service strategies, you can choose the breakout sessions you need to enhance your personal knowledge base and your credit union’s processes.

  1. Innovation

To provide the best possible service to your members, sometimes it takes some outside help. When you attend the Vendor Speed Rounds, you’ll see some of the most innovative new solutions in financial services. Each vendor has just five minutes to demonstrate their latest technology in front of a live audience, as attendees vote to decide which product would have the greatest positive benefit at their credit union.

  1. Be inspired

The conferences will begin and end with inspiring, innovative new techniques for you to employ at your credit union, featuring subject matter experts with a wide variety of experiences.

Daniel Burrus, one of the world’s foremost technology forecasters and innovation experts will kick off the conferences. Using his Anticipatory Organization model, he will enable business leaders to identify upcoming trends, predict disruptions and capitalize on new and emerging opportunities.

Nicholas Epley, Professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, will close the conferences. Epley will address the behavioral disconnect between managers and their clients and how you can align your perspective with others to understand them better, both personally and professionally.

These five reasons are just the beginning, so don’t miss out. This event will be an incredibly beneficial experience for credit union technology and member experience professionals.

CUNA Technology Council Conference and CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council Conference will be held September 12-15, 2018 in San Francisco, CA. To learn more and register, visit

Co-authored by: Heather Lally, CUNA Operations & Member Experience Council chair

Mike Atkins

Mike Atkins

Mike Atkins is the chief information officer of Bellco Credit Union and chair of the CUNA Technology Council Executive Committee. Web: Details